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Downlights gives you an elegant look with enhanced security 

The purpose of outdoor lighting is to invoke the Beauty, Safety and Security during the time when it is dark. Exterior architectural lighting design can bring life to your home and outdoor spaces. Whether adding light for security or for colored lighting for the holidays or to showcase unique housing deign, exterior lights can transform the beauty of your home.

Outdoor Beauty and  Safety

Beauty: Outdoor lighting can be used to create ambiance on your home, patios and decks while making the exterior of a home look more dynamic and attractive from the sidewalk. Lighting your outdoor space adds an extra tough of elegance and value.


Safety: By illuminating walkways, decks, pool areas; you can reduce the risk of an accident at your next party. Outdoor lighting can help the homeowners and guests find their footing. 


Security: Security is another important factor for using outdoor lights. By illuminating entryways, dark walkways and garages, homeowners can help deter potential intruders. We like to say that a well lit property is a property less trespassed. Trimlight should be kept on during the evening without motion sensor activation.

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Security and Efficiency

Our flush mounted, energy efficient LED soffit downlights will give you an elegant high end look on your home without the heavy cost of needing to pull wires through the soffit and cut holes in your exterior!  This remarkable product easily attaches to your home and looks identical to current models of recessed can lighting.

Trimlight’s soffit downlighting works seamlessly with our programmable app which allows you to customize the colors and patterns to match your Trimlight lighting system.  All programmable with a phone or tablet, the soffit downlights will give you the perfect splash of light on your walls or architectural features to highlight your home.  Our downlights also provide superior security lighting.

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