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  • What is Trimlight?
    Trimlight is a patented lighting system (Patent # 8,926,118) designed specifically for homes or businesses. Trimlight Select Plus is an amazing solution that utilizes advanced IC RGB lighting technology to become the ultimate permanent programmable lighting solution. The lights are controlled via smart-phone application and allow customization with incredible ease of use! With Trimlight, you'll have lighting covered for Christmas or any holiday, celebration, sporting event, relaxation, security, or just day to day beautiful lighting! Trimlight Phoenix provides permanent holiday lights not only for Christmas, but also holiday and year round lighting for your home.
  • How much does Trimlight cost?
    Trimlight is a permanent lighting solution, custom installed to your home or business. Not only does it provide year-round use, it also is extremely energy efficient and provides lifetime energy savings for homeowners and businesses. Pricing can vary from home to home depending on the number of gables, roof pitch, spacing, number of stories, and other factors. Trimlight is priced by the linear foot, and can range from $22-$32/foot depending on the application. When you request a quote, Trimlight Phoenix will come measure your home and provide a total price inclusive of materials and installation. Your sales professional will be able to provide recommendations on lighting type based on the structure type, your needs or wants, and find every possible way to make it work with the budget you've established for the project! A premium product doesn't always mean a premium price! AND 0% FINANCING IS AVAILABLE
  • How does the outdoor lighting system work ?
    Trimlight is more unique than any other LED permanent lighting system. We install our patented, color-matched channel under the soffit of your home. This channel protects and hides the wires and other electrical components, while perfectly blending in with the architectural look and style of your home or business. Trimlight channel does not interfere with most gutters or other architectural features on a building. It mounts safely below so that water can’t enter or UV rays can’t damage the bulbs. There are no loose wires, there are no plastic clips, or anything else that would take away from the beauty of your home. In fact, most people wouldn’t notice anything different when looking at your home during the day. The light emitting diodes (LEDs) barely protrude from the channel which gives it a hidden effect.
  • Will my HOA approve Trimlight?
    We get this question A LOT! Every HOA seems to be perceived as "strict and stringent" with what they will and won't allow. Initially homeowners can meet resistance from an HOA if they are just describing what they'd like to have installed and if the HOA is not familiar with Trimlight. We find that once an HOA takes time to review Trimlight, they typically approve and even endorse Trimlight for use in their communities! We've actually completed projects specifically for HOA's to light community centers, clubhouses, and pool buildings. Trimlight has done thousands of installs in communities with HOAs. If you are seeking HOA approval, please work with your estimator and they will provide you a packet of information that makes the approval process as painless as possible with your HOA!
  • What about the warranty?
    Trimlight offers an unparalleled LIFETIME PRODUCT WARRANTY! This is what makes Trimlight stand apart from all others in the industry. In the rare occurrence that a light burns out, a system controller malfunctions, or anything else fails, under normal operating conditions, the part is covered at no expense to you! Remember it’s for a lifetime! Trimlight Phoenix offers a five-year labor warranty for client installs . After five years, the client would just be responsible for the service call for maintenance on their Trimlight system, typically $75-$95. A detailed copy of the manufacturer's warranty can be provided upon request, or you can also visit our warranty page for more information.
  • What happens if a light goes out ?
    Trimlight comes with a lifetime product warranty. Simply reach out to your local dealer and request to have the light replaced. You may or may not be charged a labor fee depending on your location, but the faulty product will be covered under warranty.
  • How many colors can we show at once ?
    You can show up to 30 colors at a time and program up to 90 lights of each color. For example, you can program 90 red, 15 orange, 1 purple, 5 white, etc. The key is to not program more than 90 per color and you can do up to 30 different colors in each pattern created.
  • How much electricity does the Trimlight system use ?
    Trimlight uses exclusive LED technology which is extremely energy efficient. Each diode uses .6 watts of power which means most homes Trimlight systems use less energy than 1-2 light bulbs. Trimlight uses 1/10 the energy of incandescent lights and lasts 10 times longer.
  • How long do the lights last ?
    Trimlight comes with a Lifetime Product Warranty. The lifetime of Trimlight depends on how often it is being used. On average Trimlight will last between 20-30 years (assuming it is only used during nighttime hours). If Trimlight is constantly left on day and night, it will significantly reduce the lifetime of the lights.
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