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Permanent  Programmable Color-Changing Outdoor LEDs

Trimlight is an innovative, patented lighting system that allows customers to have permanent, exterior lighting professionally installed on their homes and businesses. We offer permanent, programmable color-changing outdoor LED’s. Our lights are weatherproof, energy efficient and require minimal maintenance - no bulbs to ever change or ladders to climb!

Trimlight offers a full array of outdoor lighting solutions. We have exterior lighting for around your home, patios lights to add ambiance, downlights to add elegance and permanent holiday lights to make the seasons joyous.  Trimlight Phoenix installs our lighting solutions in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Add value and ambiance to your home today.

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We offer permanent, programmable color-changing exterior lighting

Bistro lights are our newest innovation in programable outdoor lighting

Downlights gives you an elegant look with enhanced security

Attract more customers and grow your business with exterior commercial lighting



• App controlled
• 16 million colors
• Cloud based
• 180+ preset patterns and animations
• Waterproof and wind resistant
• Calendar and my timer functiogs
• Alexa and Google Home compatible
• Music capability
• Energy efficient low voltage system

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