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How much does Trimlight Cost ?

Great question and the most popular, how much does Trimlight cost ?.  At Trimlight Phoenix, Pricing varies depending on the spacing, number of lights, length and the type of product you select. Our standard residential installation, front of the house, is 12”, 9” or 6” spacing.  Our commercial product has similar spacing but is configured differently as the result is to attract attention from those passing by, not just beautify the structure.  Retail pricing starts at $25/linear foot, and goes up from there.  Additionally, Trimlight is very cost effective considering the system comes with a lifetime product warranty and will last for decades. Below we offer some pricing guidelines and the ability to finance your home improvement projects.

Home ownership has always been seen as a sign of success, and one of the biggest investments we may ever make in our lifetime. That's why many homeowners are constantly making improvements to keep their home up-to-date with the latest trends. With 0% financing options available for home improvements, it's now easier than ever to reap the financial advantages that come with increased home equity. This improved equity will also benefit homeowners when they are ready to sell, as their home's value will have climbed due to these improvements. Investing in your home is an easy way to ensure its future worth.

Pricing Guidelines

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