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exterior lighting

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The Trimlight Phoenix team is ready to give your home the perfect outdoor lighting touch. Our patented, color-matched channel will be professionally installed under the soffit of your house and safely below that can water reach it - leaving no detracting plastic clips or loose wires in sight. You won't even notice a them during daylight hours; just an elegant addition come nightfall.

Durable Hidden Channels

Trimlight bulbs use exclusively LED lighting technology that is designed to last far longer than conventional, incandescent bulbs and uses only a fraction of the power. The lights are professionally installed to your soffit. Each house has different construction depending on where you live. There are multiple types of channel to accommodate most any construction. Look at the pictures below to see which channel is needed for your type of home.

stand 4.PNG
stand 5.PNG
stand 2.PNG

Aluminum channels with matching colors

Our Trimlight channel is made from high quality, 100% recyclable aluminum that is available in a variety of colors to ensure that we can provide the channel that best matches the color of your home. Our channel holds the lights in tight and hides the wires from view, leaving your home or business with elegant lighting that will hold in place year-round, regardless of weather conditions. We have a residential channel lighting option that is designed to attach easily to most homes. We also offer a commercial channel lighting option that will fit a majority of commercial business buildings.

Matching colors to your home

Lifetime Product Warranty

Trimlight comes with a lifetime product warranty and a 2-year labor warranty. Simply reach out to us and request to have the light replaced. Depending on the age of the installation, you may or may not be charged a minimal labor fee, but the faulty product will be covered under warranty.

Trouble Shooting Guide

This interactive guide will provide you with a simple, step by step resolution process based on your specific issue. Select which Trimlight system you are currently using below and follow the interactive guide for that system to resolve your specific issue.

Bright and Beautiful Lighting

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